Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hopefully is another stage onward.....

After a long time lazy lazy.........
I quit my stupid job and no need face the fucking boss face anymore......
Jz back from Hatyai last sunday night
Yesterday spend whole day for Monster Hunter Frontier......

Yeah quite addcited to MH series recently,ordered limited edition MHP3 PSP bundle and limited edition UMD set with bag also.......

And this one is for Jet Bday Artwork, take 3 day to complete, start learning to use airbrush nia~~~
After that, a Mooncake festival wish Artwork, Monster Hunter also........I shud start learning how to draw other armor already LOLZ

Started play monster hunter frontier with kurt in 2 week ago, ok gotta head back for levelling HR now.=w=+

Friday, April 9, 2010

Puyo puyo~~♥ im lost with my future rite now....go for CG or othrs?

Everytime when im lack of idea or anything, i always use some exist character to draw to revive my passion of art, beside hang out wit art kaki or others.....but usually i really seldom hang out wit them, always on msn, but when hang out u only can feel the passion of ACG completely.....

So i did for puyo puyo series by Compile. One of the main character Arle Nadja.....
1st work is use Pen tool layer in SAI, so is quite fine but look dead......and my shoulder pad is wrong 囧

2nd wan is do by freehand witout any point using pencil tool in SAI....

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Template, New hairstyle summore.....Self Refresh yeah~

yay new template, the draft blogger button is sooo small on bottom if not anda telling me i think im still stuck wit the old template....= =

jz finish higurashi, today finish Coil.......Time to back to assignment......
Here come Hanyu~~~~"ha wuu ha wuu" <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="" data-blogger-escaped-is="" data-blogger-escaped-moeness="" data-blogger-escaped-shit="" data-blogger-escaped-this="">

Monday, March 15, 2010

Eva 2.0 + Sanctuary Clubbing day~~A thing that I never can hold it......

wat am i doing............??

it was been long time i have been ever let my emotion goes with something beside me......

yesterday watched eva 2.0 with si lang, zen zen n jun hang.....is was nice movie, i almost cried when asuka destroyed by the dummy system i tot she was dead.......O_O

and nite is clubbing time due to camelia birthday....... drink alot but........it seem jz make me feel sleepy but thanks to it, long time din ever hv chance to sleep tat tight........dunno why i keep hard to sleep tight for so many days already.....

share a video tat i really really addicted currenly....man i feel so wanted to buy PS3....>w<

i keep raise out my hand to hold it.........but wat i have hold now is jz sadness and depress.........when i only can hold ur hand......and tell u......

"Please...Don't leave me alone..."

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boring day....Lets take a break boy~jz play some horo test.

bit bored, busy wit assignment, my monster hunter also haven finish draw yet.D8~
I wan new idea for art work ahhhh~*dies*

jz now went to play something.=w=


  • 上升星座 : 牡羊座 29°53' 2"
  • 下降星座 : 天秤座 29°53' 2"
  • 天頂星座 : 魔羯座 25°12'17"
  • 天底星座 : 巨蟹座 25°12'17"
  • 北交點 : 水瓶座 19°12'27"
  • 火象星座 : 33.33%
  • 土象星座 : 41.67%
  • 風象星座 : 0%
  • 水象星座 : 25%
  • 啟動星座 : 58.33%
  • 固定星座 : 16.67%
  • 變動星座 : 25%
資料來源:占星之門 - 星座命盤


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random doodle. I hate Malaysia Internet.

Random done in 20 min wit inking in mah class with Deborah.

Monday, January 25, 2010


tralalala here is new picca wit anime style testing, i know my color is sucks ><
prefer PNG format instead of JPG, coz color will move out bit.=3=|||

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beginning of the Storm muehehehe

Ok im backkk~fufufu~
passby 3 month of internship and get to know some reality, i was FOOLED once again, yeah!!

So im gonna PWN them kau kau, in this yr, there is nth for me to care off ady, i ady lead the way in beginning of the last semester....

God pls gimme strength to continue it, this time Im gonna PWN them to revenge.

OK GUYS!! time for teaser.....MULALALA~

ok im bit stuck on the armor part *kedushed*XD muahahaha~
the world of mine is coming back~~~~